Vijay Kedia is one of the most successful investors in the Indian Stock Market. With multiple multibaggers like Atul Auto, Cera Sanitaryware etc. to his credit he is revered for his stock picking qualities.

Here we take a look at 5 Smallcap Stocks from his portfolio. For the purpose of this study we have classified Smallcaps as stocks with a market capitalization of between 100 and 2000 Crores.

Please watch the video below for a list of 5 smallcap stocks from Vijay Kedia's Stock Portfolio.

Having gone through the picks however, its imperative to mention here that smallcap investing is fraught with risks. One must tread with extreme caution while walking the smallcap route as a large percentage of smallcaps fail to scale up to midcaps or largecaps.

Standard Disclaimer:: None of the stocks mentioned herein should be considered as recommendations to buy or sell. Please consult your financial advisor prior to acting on any of the information presented herewith. The article has been compiled based on freely available information, and the writer possesses no privileged information which has been used towards creating any of the content on this site.

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