Bharat Forge was the first stock studied directly on our website Bharat Forge Technical View - On to Good Things. It is now powering ahead towards the confirmation levels of a Rounding Bottom Formation and it is approximately 7% up from the levels it was studied at. We had talked of a rounding bottom formation in the making on the chart of Bharat Forge and the price movement suggests that its confirming to the expected charter.

Please go through the link above to discover the possible strategies that may be followed from here on.

Disclaimer:: The article presented herewith is just an educational assessment of the chart structure of Bharat Forge. Please do your own research and consult your financial advisor prior to acting on the information presented herewith. The author does not intend to set forth this article as a recommendation to buy or sell this stock and has a small position in the stock at levels which are less than half the Current Market Price.

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