As investors we are always on the look-out for that one stock which could turn out to be a multibagger and transform the aggregate returns for our portfolios. Since 2012, stock markets across the world have delivered superlative returns and a lot of companies have turned out to be super multibaggers, which in turn have transformed the financial fortunes of the people who hold these companies in their portfolios. However this outperformance of the past few years has led us to the challenge of most stocks looking obscenely expensive. It is thus imperative that we dive below the surface to unearth a few gems which can sparkle in our portfolios. With this in mind we have decided to come up with a series of stocks which we believe could turn out to be multibaggers going forward. Today we present the first stock in this series.

The company is debt free, and the stock looks insanely cheap with the liquidation value of its investments far exceeding the market cap of the company. The only downside is that the company being a holding company would have a holding company discount factored in the valuations.

Please watch the video to know more about this company and why we believe it could be a serious wealth creator going forward.

Having watched the video however it is imperative to mention that cheap valuations of a company in itself is not a guarantee of future appreciation in the stock price of a company. Please look for a margin of safety and we believe this stock offers a huge such advantage.

Standard Disclaimer :: The information in this article has been compiled from freely available information on the internet. None of the stocks mentioned here should be considered as recommendations to buy and one must carry out his/her own research prior to acting on any of the information presented here. None of the creators of the video have a stake in any of the stocks discussed.

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