We at Profit In Equities have decided to come up with a series where we will present to you the most important bulk deals that have been reported on the exchanges. This will be published every morning on non-holidays. Going through these articles will enable you to get your strategies ready for a profitable day in the markets, when the opening bell rings at 9.15 AM. Today we come to you with news of bulk deals involving SBI Mutual Fund, HDFC Mutual Fund, Goldman Sachs and Ashish Ramchandra Kacholia.

Please watch this video to know more

Having watched the video however it is imperative to mention that fund/institutional interest in the company is not a guarantee of future appreciation in the stock price of a company. One must tread with extreme caution while taking action on stocks where there has been recent fund action. This is because with such a large chunk of shares, any sort of liquidation on their part may send the stock tumbling down. The general public would only come to know of the information post the event happening, by which time the stock price would have substantially depreciated. Hence, please exercise extreme caution and consult your financial advisor prior to taking any action on any of the information presented herewith.

Standard Disclaimer :: The information in this article has been compiled from freely available information on the internet. None of the stocks mentioned here should be considered as recommendations to buy and one must carry out his/her own research prior to acting on any of the information presented here.

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