Friends, a few weeks back we had taken a poll on our Youtube Channel Profit In Equities asking whether you would want to watch a series of videos explaining topics related to Personal Finance, Banking and Stocks.

A large number of people voted, with more than 94% people choosing the option Yes. Today we present the first video tutorial in the series. The video explains the concept of Net Worth, and going forward everything that we discuss on this channel will be centered around imporoving your Net Worth.

For individuals, Net Worth refers to an individual's net economic position, the value of the individual's all assets minus all his liabilities. Examples of assets include bank deposits, retirement accounts, other investments, home(s), and vehicles. Liabilities include both secured debt (such as a home or a vehicle loan) and unsecured debt (such as consumer or personal loans).

Please watch the video below for an explanation of the concepts in both Hindi and English

Having watched the video, please let us know if you have any doubts in the comments section below.

Standard Disclaimer :: The information in this article has been compiled from freely available information on the internet. None of the information mentioned here should be considered as solicitation to invest in any scheme.

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