Hey! Welcome to Profit In Equities(PIE), it's great to have you :)

We know that first impressions are important, so we've populated our new site with some initial Getting Started posts that will help you get familiar with everything in no time. This is the first one!

There are a few things that you should know up-front:

  1. PIE is designed for ambitious, hard working individuals who want to actively learn in order to improve their finances. That's who it works best for. If you're using PIE for some other purpose, that's fine too - but it might not be the best choice for you.

  2. The entire platform is oriented to suit your needs, and is based on the premise of learn as you earn. PIE does not require any prior knowledge of the topics discussed.

  3. None of the founders of PIE are SEBI Registered. PIE is not aimed at, and does not intend to be an investment advisory service. Please use your own discretion and consult your financial advisor before acting on any of the literature presented herewith.

  4. PIE is made by an independent group of coding and finance enthusiasts. We are 100% self funded and none of the content on this website does and will ever have any vested interest.

Once you're done reading, please share they word about PIE on Facebook and Twitter. We hope that the time you spend on engaging with PIE goes some way in alleviating your financial position!

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What is a Share

At a very basic level, a share is nothing but a stake in the ownership of a company. Thus a single share in a company, represents a fractional ownership in the concern, in